Personal advices, brokerage and move management in UK, France, Europe and worldwide

About bien Déménager

To create a business around Moving and Transport has been in founder's mind for over 12 years.


With 20 years experience in 2 leading group of companies specialised in International Moves and Fine Art Transport, as an expatriate for many years, the founder developed its own methods and a personnal network of contacts worldwide now used through BIEN déménager to offer a scope of services from special packing to international shipping.


The aim is to offer a real personalised service, taking into account the needs of each family. We would rather do less and well, counting with the world of mouth to spread our name rather that trying to do a lot. 

A personal experience

" I discovered this industry as a sales manager for the foreign communities in Czech republic. I worked, not enough on the ground with the movers and drivers teams. It was too quick but very helpful to understand the work. To spend a long time in a country with a very different atmosphere, language, culture from what I had known before during my university years was a good starting kick for the years to come !

My company then sent me for training as a branch manager in France. I learnt a lot there working with Jean, a good model of a boss. After a few months enjoying the subtilities of accounting and forklifting storage containers, I was sent for various 'mercenary' assignments for several weeks or months on various continents, in more or less friendly and animated countries, with a wide range of challenges to deal with !  In most cases, it was about managing crisis following human shortage or an organisation that needed to be adjusted to new situations arising in local branches. My positions were temporary as manager or second manager assisting a manager which had too much to do. AGS Mobilitas


I then settled in Spain where I developed an international removal business. Good time learning the local culture, speaking Spanish and some Catalan and watch some Liga games !


The Group of companies I worked for was then developing in Asia and I went to Indonesia to finalize the purchase and incorporate in the Group a new company. I brought to the local teams the Group culture and methods and passed my personal vision of this service industry we are in: moving people's homes. This was a two was exchange as the purchased company also brought skills, knowledge and tools which came useful to the Group new lines of services. A fruitful exchange and nice encounters with nice people.


After other assistance assignments in other branches, after more than 10 years abroad, I wanted to settle in my home land, France and change the industry.


After looking at various options, businesses, entrepreneurship ideas, trends in the sharing economy, logistic, start-ups, without finding a motivating project, I finally turned a "sleeping beauty" on the French Riviera !  I took my suitcase there and discovered a world I had seen by small glimpses only; international private moves, super-yachts and artworks transport.

With new type of clients, new packing teams, new surroundings, I learnt new techniques, new approaches, different ways to pack, transport, handle.

In this new position there is no routine. The base of business remain the same but each client comes with a unique demand and moving a big villa or a yacht is a proper project to plan and run over several days weeks or months !

Beyond the French Riviera, it is the whole Mediterranea, Europe and up to New York, small islands of Panama or the Caraibeeans, our clients make us travel the world through their goods ! Cadogan Tate Tooth Transport


Ambition? AmbitionS !

We have a double ambition:

- Be the first "concierge transport services" for all home moves or transport services which clients struggle to find good solutions.

- Promote development of moving and transport companies with the best technical, human and social practices.