Support for removals, brokerage and move management in UK, France, Europe and worldwide

We accompany you to make a success out of your Move !

Our mission :  Find the home removal solution that meet your needs

How to achieve it :

Listen and analyze your need, elaborate a plan, select the partners, make a good proposal and adapt to situations that may arise. We accompany you all along the process.

We created 'bien Déménager' to help you make the right choice

Home moving, house removal may seem a complex thing to organize and even more when it comes to moving from or to a country which is not your own. The offers from the various companies on the market may seem complicated, unclear and you miss criteria to select a company you feel you can really rely on.


With an extensive experience in transport and international moving, we created bien Déménager in order to meet clients expectations and needs, whether moving out of France, to France or from a point to another somewhere in the world !


We will attend the needs of clients looking for being well served, giving prority to a personal service rather than a discounted offer.

When budget matters, we will look for a flexible solution, combining good price and cost-effective (but reliable) service.

What we believe in :

Your expectations, your obligations, your agenda, the belongings you will entrust a moving company with, are unique. After a first contact with us, without compromise, we will bring you solutions through our recommendations, brokerage or full move management service.


The focus on price should not be the main concern as there are many ways a wrong management of a home move may cost you more than what you thought you were saving. To pick up a good moving company should be your first objective.


A number of alernative ways for home moving services are available online but some lack of transparency, soul and professional practice.


Virtual movers pretend to re-invent the moving market but are for only connecting service providers with clients and the limit of what they bring quickly appear when the job is complex or when a small issue arise. No one will accept responsibility then.


Few companies have a global solution for everyone but a great number of companies are very good in what they do. We offer to take on us the selection, coordination and management work of your move. We know the market and the industry and work with trusted partners, which qualities we experienced over years.


At bien Déménager, we believe the moving jobs are not something relying on algorithms. We believe that this great service we provide is based on humans and rather than being automatised it has to be created through a personal approach of ones' needs. That's why we will start by listening to you. We will then put in place a tight organisation with our admin team and have our quality men do the job on the ground, packing and transporting your belongings.


We offer our experience to make the right choice and take the right decisions with your home move.


Building with our partners the right solution to meet your expectations, you will make a good move in choosing bien Déménager.


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