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Transport and transport management licenses

In France and European Union, transport and transport management are regulated activities. Before picking a service provider, it is wise to check he is up to date with its legal obligations.


As a transport company, the company SEA FURTHER (BIEN déménager is a web brand) is registered on the French national register of road transportation. All company conducting transport and move activities must be on this register.

An European transport company operating in France must be able to prove its registration in his home country as this is an European rule.


French register can be checked out here:


You can use the same link to check the registration as a transport management company.


SEA FURTHER (BIEN déménager is a web brand) hold a specialist policy for transport and moves risks. This TRANSPORT and LOGISTIC is with HELVETIA.

The policy covers the mandatory Public Liability towards clients and their transported goods as well as General Public Liability and the Ad Valorem damages insurance for transported goods.


Consumer protection and commercial disputes arbitration

When a dispute arise between a consumer and a service provider registered as a business and this can't be solved through the Consumer Service, the consumer can ask for arbitration through a private independent professional.

Since January 1st, 2016, all businesses must appoint a arbitration agent and inform its clients of this option and make its details available.onnées du médiateur


SEA FURTHER appointed MEDICYS ( to carry ourt this task if the need would arise.


Readings to make sure your move will be smooth

Internet is full of ressources and information to help with your move. From the amount of information available, it is difficult to sort the really helpful tips from the promotional pages collecting your details in order to sell it.


Consumers protection association UFC will give some impartial helpful tips :