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Our offers

Brokerage : We will study your request and ask our business partners for their quotes. We will present you the options and suggest which one is the best for you.

The contract will be between you and the moving company you select.

We will follow the preparation steps and remain here to ease the moving process, during the move or afterwards, assisting with communication with the moving company when needed.

This solution is good when you have quite simple needs, like local or regional moves with one single company involved.


Move Management : You entrust us with the full organisation of your move. The contract will be between you and BIEN déménager. This solution is recommended for international moves which imply several companies involved: packing company, customs brokers, shipping lines, delivery companies at destination.



BIEN déménager is one of the few companies registered with the state as a transport company as well as a transport management company. This allows us, within a neat legal frame, to act for ou clients using the best solution according their needs, either as a broker, a transporter or a transport manager.

Services offered

Local or regional move

Many companies offer this service. Charges may vary from 1 to 3, from one company to the other. Not all companies offering the local moves are serious. A decent company will be listed on the transport State registers and will be able to proof its professional liability is covered by a known insurance company for the services they offer.


Nationwide and European moves

Those jobs require more important ressources, both material and human.

Locally settled moving companies drive their trucks regionally and also nationwide or in Europe. Some have organised, regular routes to selected destinations. They sometime belong to branded networks. Some are independant family companies, some other belong to bigger group of companies.

According to your needs (move size, dates, service level), we will look for partners able to handle your move in a good value-for-money way.


International road move

Customs clearances will be necessary to cross borders with your move when destination country is not an EU Member. We will build the Customs file with you and manage the customs procedures on your behalf.

Road is often a good solution for moves to United-Kingdom, Central and Eastern Europe, Balkans, Scandinavia even is Sea Shipping is also an option, however slower.


International air move

A good option for smaller shipments, for countries with difficult reach or with litle traffic.

privilégier pour des envois de petits volumes, pour les pays d'accès difficile, mal desservis.

Drawback: cost 

Advantage: speed


International sea move

For far away, overseas moves, medium size and full house shipments.


Pet transport

We organise pet transport (up to date vaccines are necessary) to most countries.


Wine transport as part of a house move 

We will check and organise transport of your wine to your new destination country, going through the necessary steps with Customs.


Vehicle transport

We organise vehicule transport, either by road, sea or air or driving it to your new address.


Fine Art and collectibles transport

We pack and transport all sort of delicate items, artworks, collectibles and musique instruments.


Supply and delivery of boxes and packing materials in whole France




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